Historic Location

The museum and the academy is located in the historic town of New Salem, Massachusetts, approximately 90 miles west of Boston and 180 miles north of New York City. The settlement dates back to around 1735. At that time, it was a land grant given to proprietors coming from Salem, Massachusetts to build a new community on approximately 30,000 acres.

The historic property of NSMA was originally used as a boarding home for New Salem Academy students from 1871 through 1928. It accommodated about 24 students on the premises and is closely situated to the original academy.


New Salem remains to this day a small town made up of generational families who have had some connection to the area. The Barlettas took part in establishing some of the main highways leading to and from this area. Vincent’s father acquired the property in the early 90’s and renovated it as the family vacation home.

Leading up to the present, the property is being renovated again to become NSMA.

The town of New Salem will be the location for the country’s first museum dedicated exclusively to realism. Similar to the early settlers, the NSMA is forging a new path forward. We hope you will enjoy this lovely town as much as we do!