To honor the historic nature of the property, the Barlettas decided to include an academy within the museum institution.

Renovations are currently taking place to accommodate artists, students, scholars, established and aspiring collectors, and art experts.

The design for the studio is inspired by artists’ workshops from the Renaissaince and from 19th century Paris ateliers. The architect working on the project has proposed plans to open up the ceiling and allow natural light to flood the studio. The northern exposed skylights will be a spectacular addition to the original structure.

While visiting the NSMA’s stunning collection of contemporary realist art, visitors will have the opportunity to behold masterpieces in the making on the third-floor studio. These artists use time-honored techniques, which have contributed to their success as well as popularity on social media platforms.

At the New Salem Academy of Fine Art, accepted applicants to the academy will be able to study with contemporary master artists and to study their masterworks up close for extended periods of time.